Why You Shouldn’t Marry

A user over at the RPChristians reddit lays out an interesting critique of modern marriage [emphasis mine]:

I realize that asking men to “go monk” is a social taboo of sorts and that biological urges can feel impossible to control. However I can’t understand why Christian’s that believe in red pill theory think marriage should be the first thing on the table when data point’s to women often losing all interest in their man after 4-6 years in a relationship.

It seems like the perfect storm to set both Christian’s involved up for falling into sin with resentment due to the woman not really wanting to have sex with their husbands anymore. And if this doesn’t lead to divorce that happens %50 of the time due to the choice of women %80 of time, you then will likely be dealing with a quarrelsome wife and the bible is clear about how toxic that situation is.

Then the fact that marriage is a concession of God to provide an outlet for sin and often leads the Christian to put their spouse above God has me wondering how marriage can be recommended as the default life goal for Christians.

Finally there is the fact modern marriage gives woman most of the power and by default makes them head of the household. Red pill guy’s can try holding frame all they want, but women know they have the final word granted by the power society gives them. Even if the woman is a good person that never intends to exploit the many legal weapons at her deposal. In the back of her mind she will see herself as the actual head of the house due to the legal power’s marriage grants her.

In my personal experience from asking people what they thought of removing the government from marriage, only men seemed to think that was a good thing. From what I’ve gathered the number of girls that would be okay with removing the government from the marriage is basically zero and so it’s become clear to me that women like the power the legal contract gives them.

So in effect it’s not honestly possible for a man to be actually the leader as the sidebar here suggest while in bondage to a contract that gives the woman all the real power. And with that being the case then according to red pill theory the relationship is doomed because the woman will lose all interest in the man she now controls.

I know some will suggest the Girl that has actually been transformed by the holy spirit as a unicorn that is different than the standard “Christian” Girl and the issue is that no matter how good she might be the result is the same with her being the actual power of the household that merely delegates power to her husband and can easily unleash the state upon him anytime she feels like it not unlike a queen can to her subjects.

Like most MGTOW arguments I’ve read, I find this to be another example of a correct analysis, incorrect conclusion.

First off, I don’t believe Paul ever taught that singleness was the ideal permanent state for a man. Most people who cite Paul’s exhortation to the Corinthians miss an important context:

Because of the present crisis, I think that it is good for a man to remain as he is” (1 Corinthians 7:26).

We don’t know what the crisis was, but we can understand the larger principle:

Resolve the crisis first. Then get a woman.

Paul’s advice is along the same vein of King Solomon’s advice to his sons:

“Put your outdoor work in order and get your fields ready; after that, build your house.”

~ Proverbs 24:27

In general, it is wise for a man to delay marrying until he’s got the foundations in place for the kind of life he wants to live. In most cases, it will take a man 10-20 years to establish himself.

Keep in mind that Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebekah (Genesis 25:20).

The rhythm of nature is that men do not reach their peak until they approach 40 years old.

Women are at their peak when they are in their early 20s.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the institutions and customs of modern society are not designed to help men fulfill their biological design:

  • Older men / younger women relationships are disapproved (though that trend is changing)
  • Young men are urged to marry ASAP in order to avoid “lust”
  • Men are not permitted to take another (younger) wife later in life
  • Men have no legal authority in the home, yet are expected to bear all the responsibility
  • A man is expected to be (exclusively) devoted to his woman, but it is acceptable for a woman to leave her man if she doesn’t feel “in love” with him anymore

In short, I understand why MGTOWers give the finger to marriage. It’s a bum deal for a man.

This is why it’s important to know the history of marriage. As I’ve written before, the so-called “institution of marriage” is the greatest hoax the Catholic church foisted upon the world.

The dark wizardry is so effective that most of you can’t even read the above sentence without thinking that I’m opposed to getting married. I am not. It’s a tangled mess of deception that cannot be criticised without setting off alarm bells.

That’s how evil illusions work. You cannot even begin to unravel it without appearing like you are attacking the very fabric of society.

The 2 Essential Skills of the Liberated Man

Thankfully, there is good news for a man. There are two simple skills a man can master to transcend all this B.S.:

  1. Transmutation of Sexual Energy
  2. “FDB”

Transmutation of sexual energy simply means that you have the ability to use your sexual energy for purposes other than copulation.

I’ve alluded to this in the past, but to break it down in blunt terms. You have a few ways to use your energy:

  • “Holding it in” makes you impatient for results. This is good energy to have if you need to close some deals, knock out a big project or push others to complete something.
  • “Tugging the slug” alters your mental state. It’s like a hallucinative drug with zero side effects. Good for generating creative breakthroughs and solving elusive problems.
  • “Spilling the seed” drains your energy. Good for relaxing or coping with stress.

A man’s sexual instinct is to copulate with as many women as he can. But there are always constraints on his instinct. This is why a high-sex drive man actually spends more time creating things, improving himself, mastering persuasion, etc.

He moves towards the hope that he might one day fulfill his instinct. But it’s theĀ progress towards the hopeĀ that gives his earthly life meaning, not the fulfillment of the desire.

This is why Christian women lose sexual interest her husband after marriage. The man is conditioned to loath his own sexual instincts and so he does not apply his sexual energy properly (like he did when he was single.) He becomes a eunuch.

The other powerful tool a man has at his disposal is “FDB.”

“FDB” is a pimping term I learned from Andrew Tate. It means “fuck dat bitch.”

It’s an attitude, not something you say aloud.

And the attitude is that you refuse to compromise yourself and your mission for the sake of a woman.

It’s in the woman’s nature to submit to the man. It unnatural for a man to submit to a woman.

Oh, she’s going to leave you and take your kids?

FDB. You’ll go get a younger woman and start a new family.

She’s being a brat and giving you crap?

FDB. Leave the house for the evening and go work on your project.

She doesn’t bother to workout or dress sexy?

FDB. Don’t give her any attention. Spend more time at work or the gym.

To a modern man, this stuff sounds cruel. But to a woman, all drama is a game. And she’s attempting to provoke you to play.

It’s when you stop playing the game that she will no longer be in love with you.

And, contrary to the assumption of our MGTOW friend, I can personally say that my wife is more attracted to me after 7 years of marriage than during my early blue pill years of marriage.

You’ve got to get your head straight on women ASAP.

~ JT


If you want a tangible example how to properly play “the game”, watch Alfred Hitchcock’s “To Catch a Thief.”

Don’t watch it for the plot. Watch how John Robie (Carrie Grant) interacts with the women.

Watch it several times. It will help you understand what you read.

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