State of the Red Pill

I came across this badass infographic on Twitter the other day:

The image was put out by Anthony Dream Johnson, the founder of 21 Studios. He’s probably the guy who has his finger on the pulse of the masculinity movement better than anyone else. He’s the central connector bringing everyone together via the 21 Conventionand other professional quality media.

The map is helpful for understanding the key divisions in the red pill movement:

Pick Up Artists vs. Tribe Builders

Pick up artistry is not considered as cool as it once was. There’s still guys out there doing it, but they are often ridiculed on Twitter. With the exception of Christian McQueen and Andrew Tate, the general sentiment is that pickup artists are immature losers who need to grow up. When you see “alpha playboys” trying to justify their lifestyle to other masculine men, you know the culture has shifted. PUA is out. Patriarchy is in.

The Red Pill vs. The “Purple Pill”

Rollo Tomassi defines the purple pill as “a euphemism for men who’ve become Red Pill aware, but for a variety of insecurities have decided to temper the uncomfortable truths of that awareness with their previous Blue Pill hopes.” This is a divisive issue in the community right now. Who’s truly red pill and who’s not? The problem with the red pill is, by itself, it offers no hope. So men cling to their blue pill romantic ideals while trying to “make it work” with a red pill understanding.

I believe this is where the opportunity is for ministry. The bible elevates sex to spiritual heights, giving it meaning that can be found nowhere else. Unfortunately, the church has suppressed the truth about biblical sexuality for centuries… so we first need to work out what is biblical sexuality. This is part of my mission.

Self-Improvement vs. Opting Out

Once a man recognizes the realities of hypergamy, he’s faced with two choices: increase his sexual market value or take the “black pill” and accept that the social order is rigged against men and make do the best you can. The black pill often leads to MGTOW.

This split represents two fundamentally different mindsets. One mindset is a growth mindset (“I am growing into my masculinity”). The other mindset is fixed (“the system is rigged against us and there’s not much we can do about it.”)

In the Christian community, this divide can be understood by comparing Dalrock’s blog(black pill) to the RPChristians subreddit. Dalrock’s blog emphasizes the evils of feminism in the church and how Christian husbands get screwed over. RPChristians is (mostly) about how Christian men can improve themselves.

My goal is to create masculine community based on what I will tentatively refer to as the “white pill.” This is the hopeful view of sexuality in light of grace. But, like the red pill, it is difficult to swallow because you must destroy and rebuild your worldview all over again.

Not only that, but you will inevitably be shamed by Churchians who have no interest in the truth. This is why I created a personal philosophy for myself:

Embrace the shame.

Or, more specifically: embrace shame together as a community in service of the True King. As time progresses, I hope to better manifest this philosophy.

I’ve got some things in the works to try to bring such a community together. I’ll keep you all posted.

Meanwhile, be aware of what’s happening. The masculine rebirth is happening now:

(go here for a better view of the image)

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