My story

Hey, it’s J.T. (a.k.a. “The Red Pill Bible Guy.”)

Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a 29-year old red pilled husband, father, and “unauthorized” Bible scholar.

Let me tell you my story…

(Or skip to the end for the “bottom line.”)

I discovered red pill philosophy back in 2016 while listening to Ben Settle’s podcast. I was working a job I absolutely hated (dishonest company) and my relationship with my wife was strained to say the least.

The bedroom was almost dead. An occasional round of cold fish sex kept the marriage on life support.

We eventually reached out to my pastor for marriage counseling. His advice to us was essentially “men and women are different and we need to learn to understand each other.”

Not a bad start, but it didn’t resolve the problem.

After reading several Christian marriage books, it became obvious to me that the church, in spite of praising the supposed wonders of marriage, had zero understanding of the underlying mechanism of intersexual dynamics.

Or, more to the point, pastors can’t teach you how to wet a pussy.

That’s what pulled me into the red pill. Funny enough, I learned these “sinners” in the pick up artist world had a greater understanding of the female creature than those who claimed to admire the work of the Creator.

I learned where I had been screwing up with my woman. I learned about hypergamy, “shit tests” and the alpha/beta dynamic.

I also started seeing the Bible in a fresh light… a more masculine light.

I learned how I had allowed her “needs” to sabotage what God had actually called me to do.

We’re gonna have to let you go…”

While I was undergoing this major worldview transformation, I lost my job in 2017.

All my contributions were put into an automated system. There was no work left for me to do.

So I was “out on the streets” again.

It wasn’t easy. But eventually I decided to take a risk.

I decided to pursue my mission… the thing that had been pulling me away for years from doing what I was “supposed” to be doing (putting in 110% effort into my schoolwork and making money.)

I had an odd form of deviant behavior: stealing away hours of time to study the Scriptures when I should have been doing other stuff.

It soon became obvious that I was designed to teach the Bible.

But the red pill ruined the prospect of seminary for me. And studying the Bible ruined theology for me.

I also felt that the church’s mode of delivering the Gospel was quickly becoming irrelevant in the digital age.

I had to carve my own path.

So after I lost my job, I decided to opt out of getting another “real job” and pursued freelancing so I could have more time and flexibility to find my way.

Not gonna lie, it was no bed of roses.

There were several months where I didn’t know if I’d be able to pay the next rent check.

And yes, I was “shit tested.” A lot.

“Where are you gonna get $500 by the end of the month?”

“It is your duty as a man to provide and you’re not doing it!”

“Maybe God is trying to teach you a lesson about how your priorities are wrong.”

But I knew as a man, my real duty was to provide long-term protection and purpose, not immediate comfort.

If I allowed her emotions to rule me, the mission would be compromised (again), and my efforts would be wasted.

Broke, ugly, and… getting laid?

But a funny thing happened when I held my ground against my wife’s “attacks”:

The bedroom came alive.

My wife started slimming and toning her body in order to please me (I didn’t have to ask.)

And all this was happening during a time when I was technically “unemployed.”

To make matters worse, I also had unsightly psoriasis flare up all over my body due to my stress and poor diet.

Frankly, I didn’t expect to get much action at all until I “got my shit together.”

But a woman’s actions speak louder than words.

To me, this was the ultimate validation that red pill philosophy was reality.

Women are attracted to men who stick to their values and refuse to compromise in the face of manipulation… in spite of what she may say or do in the moment of conflict.

Eventually, my freelance work picked up and my wife now has more peace of mind about the future.

And since learning how to eat like a man, I’ve been building muscle and my skin condition is improving.

But it’s not really about the external improvements.

It’s about the internal confidence that I’ve developed as a man.

This site is the product of 6 years of struggle. It’s a lifeline from a former boy who has recently learned to be a man.

I am casting out this lifeline to you, to help you reclaim your life and mission as a man.

The bottom line of what this is about:

This site is to help red pilled men transform into heroes.

It is NOT a place for men to complain about the “evils” and “injustices” of hypergamy. Hypergamy is the obstacle that makes you a stronger man.

It is NOT a place for churchians to promote their sectarian theology. Men who mentally masturbate to theology tend to be blind to basic biology.

It is NOT for “players” who only want an endless string of exotic adventures. A real man builds and protects his own tribe.

It is NOT for men who believe in “equal partnership” marriage. A comfortable eunuch is just as useless of a man as a “player.”

It is NOT for men who have no regard for the Bible. And I’m not just speaking to unbelievers; many “Christians” do not give a fuck what God’s Word actually says.

You don’t have to believe the Gospel to benefit from what I teach.

You don’t even have to agree with me.

But you do need to respect the time-tested wisdom of the Scriptures. If you cannot do that, you are an idiot and I have no interest in helping you contribute to the gene pool.

I believe in perpetual growth.

I do everything I can to keep my life in momentum. Always moving forward, breaking constraints, overcoming resistance.

This is for men who are in pursuit of truth… regardless of the cost.

Pursuing truth is a risky endeavor. It forces core beliefs to break apart and leads to long periods of uncertainty.

Nevertheless, risk-taking is the only safe path.

All that is fragile will crumble. Better to break it yourself than yourself be broken unexpectedly and beyond repair.

So if you desire to be a Soldier of Truth with me, let’s begin…

~ J.T. Anderson, the “Red Pill Bible Guy”