Milky Bliss: Biblical Sexuality Pillar #2

The elites of society know things ordinary men are ignorant of, so I always take rumors of celebrity health habits as a possible research lead.

Like this one:

The legendary American oil industry magnate, John D. Rockefeller, allegedly hired wet nurses for his own use in his old age.

He’s reported to have denied these allegations. But he died just two months shy of his 98th birthday, so you have to wonder what his health secret was…

Regardless, the rumor is a good segue into what I consider to be the second pillar of Biblical sexuality. The passage is found in Proverbs 5:19:

I posted a screenshot of the Hebrew interlinear text because it makes the meaning more clear than the modern English translations.Reformed Old Testament scholar, Dr. Bruce Waltke, sheds some light on the meaning of the key phrase:

“The word her breasts (daddeyhā) originated in infants babble; its cognate in Arabic is “nipples” (cf. titthos autēs by Aquila); it is associated with erotica in its only other uses (Ezekiel 23:3, 8, 21).The source of the richest and most satisfying drink is the wife’s erogenous members, represented by the breasts. Drench you (yerawwukā), continuing the drinking imagery, means in the Qal “to drink one’s fill” and in the Piel “to make saturated with a liquid.”

~ The Book of Proverbs, Chapters 1-15 (New International Commentary on the Old Testament) [emphasis mine]

Apparently this revelation was a bit too erotic, so Dr. Waltke quickly put the damper on it by following his description with “The implied satisfying liquid is the wife’s caresses, according to the parallel.”

So good news gentlemen, it is permissible for you to allow your wife to caress you.

Hmm… I think the church may be a bit slow on the uptake here. Let’s not be prudes here.

Here’s Solomon’s ancient sex secret that the church has attempted to hide for centuries:

Sex is not designed to be a “rational” and “orderly” endeavor.

It is meant to be something of a drunken frenzy of passion fueled by excitement over the woman’s breasts… especially when those breasts are engorged with life-giving milk.

The man is a rutting buck and the woman his favored doe. She is the object of his primal passion.

When a man has his own woman, he can create his own Dionysian experience that surpasses the ecstasy of the ritual worship of the fertility goddess Astarte.

There’s an important context to this sexual epiphany:

Solomon was warning his son about the dangers of the “foreign woman”… temple prostitutes who seduce men into worshiping false god(esses) by appealing to the blissful experience of the ritual.

Ironically, Solomon failed to heed his own advice towards the end of his life. He thought he could use his wisdom to outsmart God’s law and acquired a multitude of foreign wives in attempts to create a permanent political peace. In the end, the women turned Solomon’s heart towards the very thing he warned his sons against.

In spite of Solomon’s folly, the wisdom still stands.

The stigmatization of breast milk may be one of the greatest unspoken injustices of our modern era:

The change took place after the middle ages due to religions pressure to not nurse and have large families. Nursing is a natural contraceptive. Native societies nursed their young for 3-6 years. When the church convinced women that nursing was sinful and dirty and babies started being weened either at birth or after a month, infant mortality skyrocketed (thus women had to have more children in order to have one or two survive to adulthood) and women were able to get pregnant again right away. The ancient knowledge, that this would lead to unhealthy offspring, was lost… and crooked teeth, narrow faces, and difficult child-bearing hips became normal.

Roslyn Ross, “Ancient Child Spacing Wisdom

It is common knowledge among lactation consultants that lactation can be induced through supplements and proper stimulation of the breasts [SFW]. Induced lactation is a taboo topic that is only openly discussed in the context of adopting infants. Sexual arousal from breast milk would be considered an unusual fetish today. But it would have been standard sexuality in pre-modern times.

Apparently, there is an ancient solution to that unspoken yet universal insecurity of women:

I’m only beginning to scratch the surface on this rabbit hole. But one thing I am certain of:

Breasts and milk are fundamental to biblical sexuality.

Happy dreaming!

~ JT 

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