Lasting Longer

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Thought for the week:

The linchpin of good sex is an explosive male orgasm.

NOT the female orgasm.

Men who only watch pornography are poorly conditioned in 3 ways:

  1. Too much focus on getting the woman off
  2. False conception of adequete penis size
  3. Mindless masturbation coupled with compulsive browsing conditions premature ejaculation or going limp within a few minutes

All of this adds up to performance anxiety & a weak finish.

The harder you try to please her, the more anxious you’ll get about your inadeqicies.

But when you focus on improving your own orgasm, her pleasure will follow. The better you get off, the better she will.

The big mindset shift here is that everything is to improve your orgasm.

Foreplay is not about getting her “warmed up.” It’s about building up your pleasure.

It’s a shame that the church conditions men to feel ashamed of their penises. You won’t train what you’re too ashamed to touch.

It may not be obvious, but ejaculatory control is the cornerstone skill of a good marriage.

What’s the foundation of a good marriage?

Good sex.

What makes good sex?

A strong finish.

What makes a strong finish?

A great orgasm for the man.

What makes a great orgasm for the man?

Longer build up.

What allows a longer build up?

Strong pelvic floor muscles.

Train yourself:


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