Milky Bliss: Biblical Sexuality Pillar #2

The elites of society know things ordinary men are ignorant of, so I always take rumors of celebrity health habits as a possible research lead.

Like this one:

The legendary American oil industry magnate, John D. Rockefeller, allegedly hired wet nurses for his own use in his old age.

He’s reported to have denied these allegations. But he died just two months shy of his 98th birthday, so you have to wonder what his health secret was…

Regardless, the rumor is a good segue into what I consider to be the second pillar of Biblical sexuality. The passage is found in Proverbs 5:19:

I posted a screenshot of the Hebrew interlinear text because it makes the meaning more clear than the modern English translations.Reformed Old Testament scholar, Dr. Bruce Waltke, sheds some light on the meaning of the key phrase:

“The word her breasts (daddeyhā) originated in infants babble; its cognate in Arabic is “nipples” (cf. titthos autēs by Aquila); it is associated with erotica in its only other uses (Ezekiel 23:3, 8, 21).The source of the richest and most satisfying drink is the wife’s erogenous members, represented by the breasts. Drench you (yerawwukā), continuing the drinking imagery, means in the Qal “to drink one’s fill” and in the Piel “to make saturated with a liquid.”

~ The Book of Proverbs, Chapters 1-15 (New International Commentary on the Old Testament) [emphasis mine]

Apparently this revelation was a bit too erotic, so Dr. Waltke quickly put the damper on it by following his description with “The implied satisfying liquid is the wife’s caresses, according to the parallel.”

So good news gentlemen, it is permissible for you to allow your wife to caress you.

Hmm… I think the church may be a bit slow on the uptake here. Let’s not be prudes here.

Here’s Solomon’s ancient sex secret that the church has attempted to hide for centuries:

Sex is not designed to be a “rational” and “orderly” endeavor.

It is meant to be something of a drunken frenzy of passion fueled by excitement over the woman’s breasts… especially when those breasts are engorged with life-giving milk.

The man is a rutting buck and the woman his favored doe. She is the object of his primal passion.

When a man has his own woman, he can create his own Dionysian experience that surpasses the ecstasy of the ritual worship of the fertility goddess Astarte.

There’s an important context to this sexual epiphany:

Solomon was warning his son about the dangers of the “foreign woman”… temple prostitutes who seduce men into worshiping false god(esses) by appealing to the blissful experience of the ritual.

Ironically, Solomon failed to heed his own advice towards the end of his life. He thought he could use his wisdom to outsmart God’s law and acquired a multitude of foreign wives in attempts to create a permanent political peace. In the end, the women turned Solomon’s heart towards the very thing he warned his sons against.

In spite of Solomon’s folly, the wisdom still stands.

The stigmatization of breast milk may be one of the greatest unspoken injustices of our modern era:

The change took place after the middle ages due to religions pressure to not nurse and have large families. Nursing is a natural contraceptive. Native societies nursed their young for 3-6 years. When the church convinced women that nursing was sinful and dirty and babies started being weened either at birth or after a month, infant mortality skyrocketed (thus women had to have more children in order to have one or two survive to adulthood) and women were able to get pregnant again right away. The ancient knowledge, that this would lead to unhealthy offspring, was lost… and crooked teeth, narrow faces, and difficult child-bearing hips became normal.

Roslyn Ross, “Ancient Child Spacing Wisdom

It is common knowledge among lactation consultants that lactation can be induced through supplements and proper stimulation of the breasts [SFW]. Induced lactation is a taboo topic that is only openly discussed in the context of adopting infants. Sexual arousal from breast milk would be considered an unusual fetish today. But it would have been standard sexuality in pre-modern times.

Apparently, there is an ancient solution to that unspoken yet universal insecurity of women:

I’m only beginning to scratch the surface on this rabbit hole. But one thing I am certain of:

Breasts and milk are fundamental to biblical sexuality.

Happy dreaming!

~ JT 

The 3 Pillars of Biblical Sexuality (Part 1)

NOTE: I decided to break this post up into 3 parts due to the amount of ground covered. I will finish and deliver part 2 next week.

And fair warning, the content of this post might cause you to go “full salute” if this is all new to you. I don’t recommend reading this immediately before a work meeting 😉

I hope this post will titillate your holy imagination.

There is a tremendous hunger for the truth about biblical sexuality. I don’t even think people realized how they starved they are.

Men who take a moralistic view of sexuality find our sexual instincts to be shameful and inconvenient.

Nevertheless, we are not bound to the traditions of men. Our sexual natures point to divine purpose, and the Scriptures affirm our instincts.

Contrary to what conventional Christianity would lead you to believe, the Bible is actually FULL of sexual references.

But for this series, I’m just going to introduce what I see to be the 3 “pillars” of healthy biblical sexuality. I’ll cover the first pillar in this post.

Buckle up. It’s going to be a fun ride…

Pillar #1: The Biological Imperative (Genesis 1-3)

Man is fundamentally a sexual being. Woman was taken out of man, and there is a powerful pull to join the parts together again.

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” (Matthew 19:6)

The sexual instinct is good and it is created by God.

The Genesis story is critically important because it highlights not only the origins of our sexual instincts… but also which attributes of our sexuality are important.

Let’s take a look…

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number (Gen 1:28)

The instinct to breed is fundamental to human existence. A celebration of baby-making is central to biblical sexuality.

I guarantee you we would not have a feminism problem if the pregnant form were culturally celebrated. The instinct to make babies is too strong to resist.

But there’s more too it…

The LORD God also said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make for him a suitable helper.”

“Helper” in Hebrew is ezerThe word is synonymous with our English word “succor” – one who gives assistance in time of distress.


What was the first man’s distress? Was he having difficulty classifying the animals?

I think not. There is a much more primal “distress” a man experiences that a woman is suited to help relieve. A distress that might be intensified by spending the better part of your days studying animal mating behavior.

The man’s need to relieve the ache of excess seed is what drives him to the woman. 

As a popular band astutely observed:

When masturbation’s lost its fun
You’re fucking lonely

~Green Day, “Longview”


Not only does the man need to release his seed, but the woman herself craves the seed of the man:

Your desire will be for your husband (Gen 3:16)

God emphasized this desire immediately after he told the woman she would experience great pain in childbearing. The desire for the man’s seed overrides the woman’s fear of childbirth.

Some theologians say the woman’s “desire” was a desire to rule over her husband. As the ESV translates it, “your desire will be contrary to your husband.”

The reason theologians think this is because they are beta males who have never experienced genuine desire from a woman. They can’t imagine anything but a nagging woman who reluctantly drip feeds her husband sexual favors.

Women crave the seed from alpha men. She wants his babies. Caution be damned.

There’s another implication to this craving:

Fertile ground must be opened through vigorous plowing so the seed can be planted deep inside.

There is some resistance here. Some erotic tension.

Seed goes in the same place the fruit of the womb comes out. And, apparently, God significantly reduced the size of the baby-making canal as a consequence of the first sin.

And yet, the desire remains.

The need for the woman to be “opened” in preparation for the seed explains the erotic craving for a certain… um… “robustness” on part of the man:

There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

~ Ezekiel 23:20

This phenomenon would also explain the universal insecurity of every man.

(Side note: From what I can tell, women are turned on by the *idea* of girth more so than actual dimensions. It will behoove you to poetically exaggerate the beastliness of your masculine endowments. It’s all in her head.)

Regardless, a woman is deeply aroused by the thought of a man who gives “more than she can handle.” This is the key to “bedroom talk.”

This primal craving of the woman creates a very interesting problem.

As the saying goes, “don’t try to turn a hoe into a housewife.”

The difference between the hoe and the housewife is not that one is sexual and the other is not. The difference is one is loyal to the man who subdued her, while the other runs wild until she becomes a damaged woman.

Marital strifes are nothing more than an unsubdued woman secretly yearning for her man to put her in her place. Unfortunately, most men don’t get the memo and so the tension never resolves into bedroom passion.

The woman’s sexual yearning is strong. If she does not find a man strong enough to subdue her, she will likely end up “riding the cock carousel” or having an affair later in life. This is why God paired the woman’s desire with the following declaration:

Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.

Genesis 3:16

Dominance is the key to a woman’s heart.

Playfully assert your dominance when you flirt with her. Fill her head with dominance-submission fantasies (e.g. boss-secretary, master-slave, “daddy”, professor-student, etc.)

And most importantly, put your own agenda first. There is no greater power a man has over a woman than the ability to tell her “no” when she needs to hear it.

So that’s the basics… and hot damn! All that from a few passages in Genesis. And this is just basic basic biology. No special insights. Just laying the groundwork.

Stay tuned for more…


The Future of the Church

This post WILL cause offense if you have personal investment in church doctrine. But hey, I’m not a pastor so I can write whatever the hell I want 🙂

This is inspired by a fascinating article @AJA_Cortes recently linked to in his newsletter:

The article is about the mass media, but the control structure is eerily similar to the Christian church. Here’s some of my thoughts:

Christianity started with 13 men: 1 teacher and 12 followers.

But the gospel spread quickly and it became necessary for people to organize themselves. Much of Paul’s ministry was concerned with the proper organization of believers.

Here’s what most Christians DON’T know…

By the end of Paul’s life, he was not concerned about the church. In fact, he reminds Timothy that all the churches he established went apostate (2 Tim 1:15-18).

All the churches in Asia completely abandoned Paul. And when Onesiphorus searched for Paul in Rome, he had to search “diligently” for him. Nobody knew or cared where he was. Only Luke remained with him.

And yet, in spite of Paul’s “failed” ministry. He ended his life with satisfaction.


The Apostle Paul left behind a perfect MESSAGE. The INSTITUTIONS he established fell apart. But the message was preserved. And this is why he was confident of his reward.

The gospel of grace Paul passed on to Timothy is antifragile. It transcends institutions.

Though we have a perfect message contained in the Scriptures, this doesn’t mean you can simply pass out Bibles and expect a culture to be transformed (with all due respect to the Gideons.)

People require leadership & organization. And this was the original purpose of the church.

I would LOVE if everyone one would study the Bible for themselves and we could spontaneously come to unified positions.

But not everyone has the desire/gift/opportunity to thoroughly examine the Scriptures themselves. So we rely on teachers and preachers.

People often discuss the Bible in church, but we never discuss how church shapes our view of the Bible.

The medium is the message.

The pulpit is a one-way communication channel.

Catechisms are one-way questions with rote answers.

These mechanisms maintain coherence.


Only those with “credentialed authority” are permitted to teach in the one-way communication structure of the church.

The congregation is taught “good theology” from the pulpit.

This theology gives the congregation anchors & boundaries to maintain coherence within the church.

The seminary professors educate the would-be-pastors in “sound doctrine.” Once they can pass the tests, and are judged to have sincere belief in the doctrines, a new pastor is credentialed.

After becoming a pastor, the young man continues to learn the nuances and boundaries of “good opinion.” He studies the great theologians and joins the conversation. He may repackage the old ideas with his own style or digress on minor points, but he never departs from orthodoxy.

The church’s congregation has little understanding of theology. But understanding is not necessary because people are sensitive to social cues.

Christians pick up on the sound bytes. And they learn fast how to express opinions that will signal they are on the “right team.”

This “pack animal” instinct works in the church’s favor. Once the doctrines are established, there is no need for a laborious education of each individual member.

The social dynamics kick in to maintain coherence. No one questions the traditions. A “great community” is formed.

But every coherent church community has a downside. It becomes an echo chamber where any “unorthodox” opinion is removed from discussion.

This isn’t to say there is a lack of debate within the church. It’s perfectly acceptable to argue the nuances and implications of ecumenism, justification, atonement, etc.

However, you’ll quickly discover that the church has an unusual list of bywords:

  • Unitarian
  • Polygamist
  • Universalist

From this list, you can infer the true heart of church faith:

These topics are strictly off-limits for discussion. Why is it wrong to question these things? We accept them because of tradition and authority, not because of personal understanding and conviction.

In other words, an authority tells us it’s true and THEN we rationalize it so we can fit into the group.People are notoriously bad at assessing authority figures. We assume that if they’re in the pulpit, they must be deserving of their role.

We are far too lenient on our preachers. We never check their assertions. We never challenge them from the Scriptures.

The structure of the church is more important than even the Bible… at least in regards to influence.
What’s spoken from the pulpit has greater effect than what is written on the pages of Scripture.

And if you want to really go down the rabbit hole, think about this:

The church’s most powerful (and subtle) method of control is the ability to pathologize the nature of man.

Once man’s “sin nature” is accepted, anything man does can labeled “sin.”

The church then licences out (for a 10% income fee) acceptable outlets for his “base passions.”

But the era of the church has come to an end. People go to Google for spiritual guidance, not pastors.

The church simply cannot control the flow of information that takes place in the blogosphere and social media. Heresy reigns supreme on the curious corners of the internet.

I, for one, am a heretic. I am happy to see the church crumble. Some shaking up will do us good.

I love the Bible and I hate the lies of religious charlatans.

But I am not naive…

I know that a new structure will be needed to gather the true believers. The future of the church is non-existent. As the Apostle Paul prophesied, “they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all.” They have the “form of devoutness” but deny the power.

We coming into the era where the folly of the church is becoming evident to all. We cannot repair what was fundamentally broken. The only thing left for us to do is return to the Scriptures.

The church is only an institutional means of containing an assembly of people. New methods of gathering are emerging thanks to the internet and social media.

The walls of the church will crumble, but the assembly will re-assemble.

Currently, there is no effective alternative method of PHYSICALLY gathering the disparate believers remaining in the church.

But as we adapt to our technology and new communities emerge, I suspect a very different sort of “church” will emerge.

It’s an exciting time to be alive!

Creating a second brain

Sometimes, a nerdy obsession proves to be more important than you realized.

When I was in college, I attempted a crazy experiment where I attempted to document every thought I had that was more interesting than “I have to pee.” I did this by handthrough a notebook system. I’d capture the thought then try to connect it to another thought on various subject maps.

I was able to keep it up for about 3 months before it started to affect my sanity. So I scrapped the project.

Even though the system didn’t work, I did learn a lot about myself and the nature of creative thinking. I had WAY more ideas than I realized. And every one of those ideas had potential to grow or connect into something else.

If only I could direct them in a productive way…

I’ve tried various workflows since, but nothing has come close to the Zettlekasten system.

“Zettlekasten” is a German word which, loosely translated, means “slip box.” The system was invented by German sociologist Niklas Luhmann, a prolific writer and prominent thinker in systems theory. He managed to write more than 70 books and almost 400 scholarly articles in his life, so his knowledge management system was certainly productive.

The problem of knowledge processing is becoming increasingly important in our age. Say you’re browsing Twitter at work. You come across an article that ties into a goal you’re pursuing or something your researching. But you don’t have time to read it when you find it.

What do you do with the article?

How do you make sure you come back to it?

What do you do with the insights?

How do you make sure what you learned gets translated into value?

How do you manage your exposure to the limitless opportunities and insights available to you in the digital age?

The greatest challenge of the 21st century is managing abundance. Not only do you need self-control to avoid wasting your life on mindless entertainment, you also need a system to manage the nuggets of wisdom you find and turn it into something valuable.

As the Proverbs says,

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.

The internet has enabled all of us to become kings. There are many secrets buried out there in the vast ocean of noise.

The pursuit of wisdom is the noblest pursuit in life.

And the Zettlekasten is a system that facilitates that noble search.

For a good introduction to implementing a Zettlekasten with digital tools, read this article.

And keep searching! There are many treasures yet to be discovered.

~ JT


In other news…

The manosphere has now broken through to the mainstream. This is thanks to Alexander Cortes’ tweet that went viral, was vehemently attacked by feminists, and subsequently covered in most of the major news outlets.

Cortes is the perfect guy to bring the red pill to the mainstream because his face directly contradicts the stereotype of the angry incel nerd typing anonymous hate posts from his mother’s basement.

Feminists see his face and are secretly mesmerized by his beauty, yet cannot process what he’s saying. So they keep talking about it and spreading the word. In the end though, what gets promoted is this:

For a hilarious example of cognitive dissonance and white knighting, watch this clip from Fox 29 news.

State of the Red Pill

I came across this badass infographic on Twitter the other day:

The image was put out by Anthony Dream Johnson, the founder of 21 Studios. He’s probably the guy who has his finger on the pulse of the masculinity movement better than anyone else. He’s the central connector bringing everyone together via the 21 Conventionand other professional quality media.

The map is helpful for understanding the key divisions in the red pill movement:

Pick Up Artists vs. Tribe Builders

Pick up artistry is not considered as cool as it once was. There’s still guys out there doing it, but they are often ridiculed on Twitter. With the exception of Christian McQueen and Andrew Tate, the general sentiment is that pickup artists are immature losers who need to grow up. When you see “alpha playboys” trying to justify their lifestyle to other masculine men, you know the culture has shifted. PUA is out. Patriarchy is in.

The Red Pill vs. The “Purple Pill”

Rollo Tomassi defines the purple pill as “a euphemism for men who’ve become Red Pill aware, but for a variety of insecurities have decided to temper the uncomfortable truths of that awareness with their previous Blue Pill hopes.” This is a divisive issue in the community right now. Who’s truly red pill and who’s not? The problem with the red pill is, by itself, it offers no hope. So men cling to their blue pill romantic ideals while trying to “make it work” with a red pill understanding.

I believe this is where the opportunity is for ministry. The bible elevates sex to spiritual heights, giving it meaning that can be found nowhere else. Unfortunately, the church has suppressed the truth about biblical sexuality for centuries… so we first need to work out what is biblical sexuality. This is part of my mission.

Self-Improvement vs. Opting Out

Once a man recognizes the realities of hypergamy, he’s faced with two choices: increase his sexual market value or take the “black pill” and accept that the social order is rigged against men and make do the best you can. The black pill often leads to MGTOW.

This split represents two fundamentally different mindsets. One mindset is a growth mindset (“I am growing into my masculinity”). The other mindset is fixed (“the system is rigged against us and there’s not much we can do about it.”)

In the Christian community, this divide can be understood by comparing Dalrock’s blog(black pill) to the RPChristians subreddit. Dalrock’s blog emphasizes the evils of feminism in the church and how Christian husbands get screwed over. RPChristians is (mostly) about how Christian men can improve themselves.

My goal is to create masculine community based on what I will tentatively refer to as the “white pill.” This is the hopeful view of sexuality in light of grace. But, like the red pill, it is difficult to swallow because you must destroy and rebuild your worldview all over again.

Not only that, but you will inevitably be shamed by Churchians who have no interest in the truth. This is why I created a personal philosophy for myself:

Embrace the shame.

Or, more specifically: embrace shame together as a community in service of the True King. As time progresses, I hope to better manifest this philosophy.

I’ve got some things in the works to try to bring such a community together. I’ll keep you all posted.

Meanwhile, be aware of what’s happening. The masculine rebirth is happening now:

(go here for a better view of the image)

The church is dead

The church is now openly hostile to masculinity and conditions men to loathe their own sexuality. Young men know the church is a joke.

Men cannot serve the institutional church at the expense of obedience to God.

The time for revolution has come.

The institutional church went apostate in the Apostle Paul’s lifetime (2 Tim 1:15). He warned that in the “last days” we’d face “perilous periods” where men would have a “form of devoutness” yet deny its power (2 Tim 3).

We are living in these last days.

The church indeed has a “form of devoutness.” They have the rituals and religious chants to create an illusion of godliness.

Yet they attack the very image of God.

Feminists call it “toxic masculinity.”

Religious charlatans call it “concupiscence” or “sin nature.”

Men have been shamed by the church for centuries. The church has perpetuated this shame through:

1. Legal punishment
2. Suppression of information

Now the powers of church and state are separated. And the internet has liberated information. The church has no power.

The gospel-liberated man is a confident man.

After death, you will be resurrected with a superior body and live forever. You are literally an unstoppable force of good.

How long will it take men to realize that the church offers no redemption? You are redeemed through CHRIST.

Sooner or later, intelligent truth-seeking men will be forced into open revolt against the church.

The body of Christ is not contained by institutional walls. It is an ASSEMBLY of true believers.

The church is in decline. The assembly will reassemble.

When the true believers reassemble, we will not need the institutional church.

“People driving a school bus blindfolded (and crashed it) should never be given a new bus.”


Our “spiritual shepherds” have crashed the bus. They have lost their right to lead us.

It is up to MEN to rise up and build the new tribes of the post-church world.

We have no respect for Churchians. We serve the True King.

When you’re ready to get down to business, read this:

Why I listen to girl pop

This may sound weird, but if you want to increase your masculine energy, listen to girl pop music.

For many years, I secretly enjoyed such music but couldn’t place why I found it inspiring. Until @AJA_Cortes explained:

Feminine music draws out masculine energy in you.

Most guys have trouble truly getting inside a woman’s head. They learn some abstract concepts like hypergamy and think they understand women.

But you don’t understand women until you can grasp the emotional nuances of a woman’s world. Song lyrics are a great way to wise up.

Here’s a few examples:

Will you still love me
When I’m no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me
When I’ve got nothing but my aching soul?
I know you will, I know you will
I know that you will

“Young and Beautiful”, Lana Del Ray

My body needs a hero
Come and save me
Something tells me you know how to save me
I’ve been feeling real low
Oh, I need you to come and rescue me

“Turn Me On”, David Gueetta w/ Nicki Minaj

I am a wild one, break me in
Saddle me up and lets begin
I am a wild one, tame me now
Running with wolves and I’m on the prowl

“Wild Ones”, Flo Rida w/ Sia

And all of my friends who think that I’m blessed
They don’t know my head is a mess
No, they don’t know who I really am
And they don’t know what
I’ve been through like you do
And I was made for you

“The Story”, Brandi Carlile

I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
He’s gotta be strong
And he’s gotta be fast
And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight

“Holding Out for a Hero”, Bonnie Tyler

If you only judge women by their outward behavior, you’ll miss the point. There is a poetry to feminine desire. If you fail to grasp this, you’ll continue to be baffled by women even after the red pill.

Listen to female artists. Pay attention to the lyrics and mood.

For more smart tips for masculine development, check out my article:

Red pill reality check

Here’s the bottom line for having a solid relationship with a woman:

  1. Does she feel inadequate in your presence?
  2. Does she feel safe with you?
  3. Do you invest in her beautification?

Women want to feel beautiful and be with a superior man who can protect her.

Imagine a man who has no momentum in life. Over time, he becomes less physically fit, more stressed, less ambitious.

He’s become a loser in his wife’s eyes.

And imagine that same man posting on red pill forums complaining about the “evils” of hypergamy and how marriage screwed him over.

Absurd, right?

Now imagine a man with no ability to survive in the real world. His woman was attracted to him because he had creative ambition and hope for the future.

But after all these years, he can’t produce an income. She wonders if she’s married a bum. She’s stressed from her work.

Finally, imagine a man who thinks it’s “too expensive” to buy high-quality food even though they could afford to eat like kings. And he never gives her money to buy sexy clothes.

He prides himself as a “conservative.” His wife dresses “modestly.” 

Then he wonders why she’s unwilling to “perform her marital duty.”

I’ve witnessed a lot of divorces growing up. I am not dismissing the woman’s responsibility in the separation.

But guys, this stuff doesn’t just spring up out of nowhere.

Play your part well. And if she’s too psychotic to appreciate a high-quality man, it’s her loss.

The good news is… You don’t have to be perfect. You just need to be making continuous progress. Women are responsive to momentum in a man.

If you need a starting point to get your life in momentum, go here:

Your wife is not a lab rat

So stop trying to “lead” her through rewards and punishments.

This philosophy is known as “behaviorism” and it will lead to (at best) a lot of work or (at worst) a relationship blowup.

Here’s why this approach is so dangerous…

Behaviorism is dangerous because it (sort of) works. People do respond in the short-run to rewards and punishments.

If you deliberately withhold your attention when she “misbehaves” or praise her for “good behavior”, she will respond.

But here’s the problem:

She will ONLY change that one particular behavior and she’ll STOP acting according to your preferences when the rewards/punishments stop.

That’s a lot of work.

Plus, she may resent the fact that you’re trying to control her.

Thankfully, there’s an easier way…

Addressing behavior is only dealing with the surface problem.

You’ve got to get to the ROOT.

Women (and anyone) behave in certain ways because of their IDENTITY… who they believe themselves to be.


Change the identity, and the behaviors change naturally.

How do you change a woman’s identity?


Give her nicknames. Do it in a teasing way or during her bedroom climaxes.

She’s a “feminine girl”, your “sexy little kitten,” your “fertile housewife,” etc.

Soon enough, she will change her behaviors to match her identities.

Influencing someone through identity is a long-term strategy.

You won’t see immediate results, but you will see PERMANENT results.

In the end, the rewards-and-punishments approach doesn’t last. Plus, it’s kind of coercive.

Identity change beats behavior control every time.

I talk a lot about women and sex in my free Tribe Builders email course. You’d be surprised how much more simple and pleasant things become when you ignore the online chatter and just get back to the basics.

Sign up here: