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I was recently (re)introduced to a fascinating man via Jack Murphy’s podcast who goes by the pseudonym “Bronze Age Pervert.”

I actually first encountered this guy on Twitter a while back. We had a brief exchange about a particular Bible passage and he ended up following my account.

At the time, I pigeonholed Mr. BAP as a typical Twitter bodybuilder guru who tweeted about Stoic philosophy and lifting weights… a standard combo in the Red Pill Twittersphere.

But man, did I underestimate this guy!

His recent book, Bronze Age Mindset became a surprise hit. In spite of having no media coverage or even podcast interviews, the book stealthily peaked at one of the top 150 bestselling books on all of Amazon.

It’s sales were propelled purely by the underground youth movement – the thousands of frustrated men who are fed up with the testorone draining prison of modern society.

The book got the attention of the mainstream media. Rumor has it that the book’s even been passed around the Trump administration.

The times they are a changin’. The new generation is clamouring for a return to ancient masculinity.

I recently finished listening to the audiobook version of Bronze Age Mindset. Mr. BAP mentioned that he spent over 10 years thinking about how to present his message and it shows. I wouldn’t be surprised if this book goes down as the catalyst of the next social revolution.

The book is a fascinating listen/read and I believe diagnoses the problems of being a man in modern society better than anything else I’ve read.

I do not share BAP’s emphasis on certain political issues (or rather social issues that have been politicized). Nevertheless, I found the book to be an excellent starting point for recognizing the present evil of the day and inspiring a revival of the ancient warrior spirit of our ancestors.

Bronze Age Mindset was obviously written for a sub-culture. If you don’t understand the phenomenon of LARPing you’ll find the book confusing and/or offensive.

To get an idea of what to expect, read some of the 5-star reviews on the Amazon page. They are written in the same style, i.e. riduculously over-the-top scenarios that nevertheless point to something directionally true. Like this review left by one happy reader:

I am now an actual man after reading this book

Before I read this book I was a weak man. After this book, I had broke my wife’s hip while impregnating her, conquered my condo board and four other condo boards in three other states, shaved 10 minutes off my 5k time, increased my deadlift by 225lbs and when I look at my sperm under a microscope, they have swole biceps. I no longer wear clothing at the office and adorn myself with coconut oil five times a day as the Ancients did.

It’s worth checking out. I recommend starting with Jack Murphy’s interview so you get a little context on the intentions behind the book: 
~ JT

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