Hey, J.T. here. Welcome to my site…

The purpose of this site is to dispel the dark magic of the “church” that keeps men in bondage.

The site’s tagline sums up it up well:

Dispelling the dark wizardry of Churchians

This might sound mystical, but it’s straightforward. Here’s how it breaks down:

What is a Churchian?

A Churchian is a religious person whose faith revolves around adherence to religious rules, traditions and/or cultural trends rather than what the Bible actually says.

They also tend to mentally masturbate to theology and are blind to basic biological necessities. They live in a perpetual illusion.

Vox Day describes the most reliable way to identify a Churchian:

“Anytime you are dealing with a self-professed Christian who quotes only part of a verse when the full one is contextually relevant, you can safely conclude that he is a Churchian who has no interest in the truth.”

What is dark wizardry?

The Biblical term “sorcerer” is translated from the Greek phármakoswhich refers to people who use drugs and/or religious incantations to induce people into living by an illusion.

Most people do not realize that much of what they believe to be “Christian” is not found in the Bible at all! Rather, it is a result of the “word wizardry” of the pharmakos, the sorcerers who poison the minds of believers with their dark incantations.

Not only do these dark wizards hypnotize you into believing illusions through their words, as the brilliant comedian Owen Benjamin pointed out, they often parade around in broad daylight dressed as wizards, wearing long robes and funny hats, as if to mock you for your inability to even recognize their spells:


The evil illusions that have crept into the church mostly revolve around sexuality and masculinity (i.e. the image of God)… making people feel ashamed of their sexual instincts and keeping them in bondage through illusions about what God’s word says.

How can we dispel the dark wizardry of Churchians?

The best way to counter the deceptive teachings of Churchians is to simply quote the Bible, in context.

Use basic logic, press for specifics, and watch the Churchians hem and haw as they try to justify their lies.

Ask them “what is the truth?” “What does the Bible really say?”

Or better yet:

Just ignore them and don’t be a sucker for their wizardry.

As N.N. Taleb says,

Suckers try to win arguments; non-suckers just win.

That’s the gist of what this is about. If you want to read more about my story, you can do so here.

Enjoy the ride!

~ J.T. Anderson, “The Red Pill Bible Guy”