Red pill reality check

Here’s the bottom line for having a solid relationship with a woman:

  1. Does she feel inadequate in your presence?
  2. Does she feel safe with you?
  3. Do you invest in her beautification?

Women want to feel beautiful and be with a superior man who can protect her.

Imagine a man who has no momentum in life. Over time, he becomes less physically fit, more stressed, less ambitious.

He’s become a loser in his wife’s eyes.

And imagine that same man posting on red pill forums complaining about the “evils” of hypergamy and how marriage screwed him over.

Absurd, right?

Now imagine a man with no ability to survive in the real world. His woman was attracted to him because he had creative ambition and hope for the future.

But after all these years, he can’t produce an income. She wonders if she’s married a bum. She’s stressed from her work.

Finally, imagine a man who thinks it’s “too expensive” to buy high-quality food even though they could afford to eat like kings. And he never gives her money to buy sexy clothes.

He prides himself as a “conservative.” His wife dresses “modestly.” 

Then he wonders why she’s unwilling to “perform her marital duty.”

I’ve witnessed a lot of divorces growing up. I am not dismissing the woman’s responsibility in the separation.

But guys, this stuff doesn’t just spring up out of nowhere.

Play your part well. And if she’s too psychotic to appreciate a high-quality man, it’s her loss.

The good news is… You don’t have to be perfect. You just need to be making continuous progress. Women are responsive to momentum in a man.

If you need a starting point to get your life in momentum, go here:

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