The church is dead

The church is now openly hostile to masculinity and conditions men to loathe their own sexuality. Young men know the church is a joke.

Men cannot serve the institutional church at the expense of obedience to God.

The time for revolution has come.

The institutional church went apostate in the Apostle Paul’s lifetime (2 Tim 1:15). He warned that in the “last days” we’d face “perilous periods” where men would have a “form of devoutness” yet deny its power (2 Tim 3).

We are living in these last days.

The church indeed has a “form of devoutness.” They have the rituals and religious chants to create an illusion of godliness.

Yet they attack the very image of God.

Feminists call it “toxic masculinity.”

Religious charlatans call it “concupiscence” or “sin nature.”

Men have been shamed by the church for centuries. The church has perpetuated this shame through:

1. Legal punishment
2. Suppression of information

Now the powers of church and state are separated. And the internet has liberated information. The church has no power.

The gospel-liberated man is a confident man.

After death, you will be resurrected with a superior body and live forever. You are literally an unstoppable force of good.

How long will it take men to realize that the church offers no redemption? You are redeemed through CHRIST.

Sooner or later, intelligent truth-seeking men will be forced into open revolt against the church.

The body of Christ is not contained by institutional walls. It is an ASSEMBLY of true believers.

The church is in decline. The assembly will reassemble.

When the true believers reassemble, we will not need the institutional church.

“People driving a school bus blindfolded (and crashed it) should never be given a new bus.”


Our “spiritual shepherds” have crashed the bus. They have lost their right to lead us.

It is up to MEN to rise up and build the new tribes of the post-church world.

We have no respect for Churchians. We serve the True King.—

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