Why smart guys suck at life

Intellectual heavyweight N.N. Taleb recently posted a controversial “tweet storm” on IQ.

Intelligence is only equal to your ability to survive. All other forms of “intelligence” are B.S.

Some took issue with Taleb’s definition of intelligence, but he does raise a valid point.

Many high IQ people struggle to survive in the “real world.”

“If you’re so smart, why are you broke?”

“If you’re so smart, why can’t you get a date?”

“If you’re so smart, why can’t you make a decision?”

We commonly assume that IQ is a predictor of success.

This may be true. But ‘success’ is determined by the environment.

What happens when you round up a bunch of intelligent boys, isolate them from men, and penalize them for making small mistakes?

You get precisely what we have today…

The modern education system and an epidemic of young intelligent men who suffer from “overthinking” and anxiety.

Think about it:

When you went to school, how did you succeed?

By getting good grades.

Getting good grades meant avoiding mistakes (90%+ is an ‘A’).

Your intelligence was conditioned to look for the “correct answer.” And this correct answer was usually judged by a woman.

So as a young man, you are sent out into the world with the mindset that you need to avoid mistakes and find the correct answer as quickly as possible.

And being isolated from men, you became comfortable with looking towards women for validation.

Can you see how this might be a problem?

How can you start a business if you’re expected to avoid mistakes?

How can you get a date if you’re not used to being rejected by a woman?

How can you create anything worthwhile if you are always expected to “play nice” or aren’t allowed to screw up or piss people off once in a while?

The pressure to “get it right” is further compounded for intelligent people.

Smart guys have “higher resolution” thinking than others. They can see nuances where others only see black and white.

So under the current model of needing to “get it right”, the intelligent guy has greater difficulty coping with the randomness of life.

He sees so many shades and nuances to life.

He’s been conditioned to “find the answer.” Yet he immediately sees flaws with the current choices. So he’s always attempting to form a new pattern to fit the messiness of real life experiences into.

This is what Taleb refers to as “fooled by randomness”… the tendency to overnarrate and see false positives.

We grew up in an artificial environment. One with crisp questions and crisp answers.

But intelligent guys recognize that life is not so clear. The pre-selected answers are wrong.

But you haven’t found the solutions yet, so you’re just kind of pushed along by external pressures while your mind is overwhelmed by all the flaws you see.

I understand this struggle well, because I went through it myself.

In spite of being recognized all my life as intelligent, I still managed to get myself into $30K in college debt for an economically useless degree. I then struggled to find a steady job (let alone career) for over 6 years.

And in spite of over 5+ years of studying human nature, I still struggled to get my own wife to sleep with me.

Intelligence can be an advantage.

But if you operate in the wrong system, your intelligence becomes a curse.

And if you haven’t developed your confidence as a man, you will actually be manipulated by those of lower intelligence who have stronger wills.

Not a good system.

We live in a feminized, fragile world run by confident idiots. Intelligent men need more help than ever.

On the next page, I’m going to show you the paradigm shift I had to make to finally “get my shit together.”

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